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Released on 04-05-2016 Version 1.0
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NRF Facility now open after lockdown

NRF Characterization and Fabrication facilities have been partially opened from 07/09/2020 and 05/10/2020, respectively. In view of COVID-19, users and TA must follow the new safety guidelines. For maintaining the social distancing, a weekly roster for the use of different available equipments has been prepared and the user can book the slot using slot booking module as per the weekly roster for the usage of the available equipment.
Now 20 Characterization equipments (XRD, SEM, UV-Vis, AGM, PL/Raman, DLS, HPLC, EQCM, Photo Electrochemical Workstation, FTIR, 3D Optical Profiler, GCMS, Stylus, Optical, Stress Profilometer, Semiconductor Charac. & DC Probe Station, AFM 1, AFM 2, Ellipsometer and SPV) and 09 Fabrication equipments (EBL, Mask Aligner, E-Beam Evaporator, Thermal Evaporator, Sputtering-1, RIE, Plasma Asher, Wet Bench and Dicing Saw) are open as per the availability of the TA. but more facility will be opened soon.

In view of the more waiting time, XRD facility has been opened from 5 pm to 8 pm for two days more Tuesday and Thursday as per the roster of the characterization facility, NRF. User can book the slot for the measurement.> New:-

Tabletop SEM facility slot has been opened on Monday(10 am to 1 pm) also.> New:-

  • Weekly roster file for Characterization Facility. > Click here
  • Weekly roster file for Fabrication Facility. > Click here
  • New Safety guidelines for Head TA/TA of NRF in view of COVID-19 (Characterization Facility). > Click here
  • New Safety guidelines for Head TA/TA of NRF in view of COVID-19 (Fabrication Facility). > Click here
  • Safety guidelines for Users of NRF in view of COVID-19. > Click here
  • NRF Usage Instructions to the External Users . > Click here

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